In my first Kun mini mo jewelry  (bracelet), I used only cords, combining two colors to make a piece. I loved the outcome and so do people who saw it.

I got my bobbins and s-long thread so I decided to take the next step by adding beads. I  had a quite a number of seed beads in different colors and sizes. It was a bit difficult and confusing to choose the colors.

I have seen quite a number of beaded Kun Minimo jewelry and I wanted to make something different from the regular. This I intended to achieve either through the colors or bead sizes to be used in this maiden project.

I began by adding the beads to the bobbins then began the braids. Along the way, I had issues with my bobbins- two of them actually came off with the beads! I tell you, it wasn’t one of my favorite moments.

Eventually, I finished the first one and then added my clasp, a magnetic clasp and my very first time to use it.

My daughters could not get their hands on it. It was fun and they just kept wearing and playing with the clasp. For me, I just loved the colors…the softness. I knew I have achieved that yearning of making something a bit different.

Green gemstone is one of the best choice to make your collection gorgeous.

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