I apologize for the long absence again. This is not intended as a lot of things went down these past months! I must however say, I did squeeze out some time to bead and get challenged and inspired when time permits.

This is my latest design and its made up of 15-layers in front and 8 on both sides at the back. The 2 plates on both sides took almost a day to fill up with the beads. That was the most challenging aspect of the desig

The design came in monochrome and multi color too. The multi color was difficult to balance out because of the various colors used. This took me such a LONG time to sort out! At a point, I almost wanted to give up and do a simpler version. But I told myself, if I don’t do it now, I won’t learn from my mistakes and get better. Hence, I did challenge myself and got the work done!

More colors came in as well, the black and white versions! What’s your favorite and why?